Caviar has been associated with luxury and success for centuries, ever since its spectacular eggs were discovered around 700 years ago. The word is of Turkish origin “havyar” and is already present in the recipe books of the Italian and European Renaissance courts, as well as being one of the most popular specialties of all in ancient and modern Russian culture. We can also find many references to caviar also in important pictorial works, such as those of the 16th century by Tintoretto or Vincenzo Gatti found in Italy.

Caviar is also historically present in the American continent, where the Transmontanus sturgeon has always lived: during the 19th century, American sturgeons were fished in quantities for its meat, used to feed the workers employed for the construction of railways rather than the numerous prospectors. gold settled along the rivers. At that time the value and value of its eggs were unknown and it was given for free in the saloons to compensate for the effects of alcohol, a bit like they do today with peanuts.

D&O is proud of the partnership with Niqa, a historic Italian manufacturer, which is based on three fundamental values ​​to produce its precious collection of caviar: PASSION, QUALITY and SUSTAINABILITY. The authenticity of our caviar is mainly due to the farms located in the heart of the Mincio Park in Northern Italy, where the sturgeons are raised in the most natural way, with a large influx of spring water and GMO-free nutrition.

Our producers have been committed to refining fish farming and caviar processing techniques for three generations in order to guarantee the customer an exceptional and at the same time completely sustainable gastronomic and sensory experience.

Until a few decades ago, the population of sturgeons present in the great rivers of Europe and the world allowed a small production of wild caviar, but the current rarity of this fish, in some areas now extinct, requires all true enthusiasts of this delicious food is a responsible and sustainable production and consumption. Fundamental aspects in our company philosophy.

A careful and targeted production of the highest quality, combined with the typically Italian passion for excellent gastronomy create the perfect conditions for the development of collateral products, but even more refined and versatile such as Butter with Caviar, Crunchy Caviar or Caviar cigar and others. As evidence of the breadth and variety of the proposal we intend to offer.