Our fresh truffle and the canned products truffle based are the result of a complex and ancient research, conducted by the so-called truffle hunters from all over Central Italy. Our Black truffles, winter and summer, are in fact found in the Apennine mountains in regions such as Umbria and Irpinia while our White Truffles are always and regularly Certified Bianco d’Alba, the world capital of white truffle located in the northern region of Piedmont.

These precious mushrooms are found in the ground, with the help of truffle dogs specially trained for this search and immediately after, with our proven logistics, we are able to bring them to tables all over North America, fresh, taken from the earth for no more than 48-60h, so that they can perfectly preserve their extraordinary flavor, as well as consistency and organoleptic properties.

The canned products are the exceptional result of the fusion between tradition and modernity: ancient truffle processing techniques developed over the centuries by Italian artisans and reinterpreted to bring exclusive flavors intact to tables and shelves all over the World.